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Adventures in Cello Country
The Harry Wimmer Method for the Very Young Cellist

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The"New"Brahms Cello Sonata
Cellists Have Been Waiting For!

Are you looking to enlarge your cello repertoire?
Would you like to perform an all-Brahms cello recital?
Arioso Press has recently published a cello version of the glorious Brahms
E Flat Clarinet Sonata newly transcribed by Harry Wimmer.

To read more about it or to buy a copy online, click

To hear this sonata performed LIVE, click
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CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Left-handed Cellist and Composer
Django in Cajun Country

Sir Michael Tippett in Carnegie Hall
Confessions of a Would-be Page Turner
BUXTE - Who?
The Concert As A Meal
The N.Y. Times Misses Out Again! Quack!
Travels with my Goulash
The REAL Frescobaldi
Remembering Herbert Bayer, Designer of the Aspen Music Festival Tent
The Natural Music of New York's West Side Community Garden
  Articles, Cartoons

The Virtuoso by Wilhelm Busch

The Cello Concerto (anon.)
Young Itzhak Perlman in Aspen
Leonard Rose in Colo.Springs
String Portraits by Shirley Givens
Bach's C Minor Suite Was Written This Morning.
Pablo Casals From Afar
Michael Tippett Arrives inShorts
Casals Lives On in Puerto Rico
The Golden Treasure of San Juan
Bach on the Bayou
  From The Archives

The Six Bach Cello Suites in the Anna Magdalena Manuscript

Suite No. 1 in G Major
Suite No. 2 in D Minor
Suite No. 3 in C Major
Suite No. 4 in E Flat Major
Suite No. 5 in C Minor
Suite No. 6 in D Major

Bach's Lute Version Autograph of Cello Suite No. 5

Suite for Lute in G Minor
  Harry Wimmer on

BRAHMS: Sonata in E Flat Op.120 No.2 (Live)

MENDELSSOHN: Sonata No. 1 in B Flat (Live)

CHAPLIN-WIMMER: "Oh, That Cello! (Live)


PAGANINI: Cantabile (Live)


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